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Thursday night from Dallas, Austin and Houston areas, there were reports of fireballs and they caught these on cell phone camera as they drove.

The Leonid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on 18 November 2018. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 15 November to 20 November. Annual meteor showers arise when the Earth passes through streams of debris left behind by comets and asteroids. I found this in and it can be found in several sky watch sights.

But what they don’t tell you is what the Bible has to say about Meteors! They are part of the ‘wandering stars’ in the heavens. The fixed stars are constellations they keep their place in the heavens. But the wandering stars consist of all planets, asteroids and Meteors. They all have a path and cycle of their own.

  • Meteoroid is a rock in space (debris) from an asteroid or comet orbiting the sun
  • Meteor is what the rock becomes when it hits the atmosphere. It is a flash of light that we see in the night sky when a small chunk of interplanetary debris burns up and passes through our atmosphere. It is often called a ‘shooting star’ or ‘falling star’ and refers to the flash of light and not the debris.
  • Meteorite is what remains of it, should it survive the journey and hit earth
  • Meteor showers are intense meteor showers than can produce up to 1,000 stars (meteors) per hour

Revelation 6:13 records what will happen as the Lamb opens the 6th Seal. “And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind.” (Matthew 24:29; Mark 13:25; Isaiah 34:4) The stars that fall from heaven are Meteors, ‘falling stars’, ‘shooting stars’,  and today are called fireballs by the media.

February 15, 2013 was an incredible week as Pope Benedict XVI resigned. I remember turning on 700 Club after I heard the Lord speak to me, “You have short window of time to get the message of the Signs in the Heavens to as many people as possible.” That voice was like a command and that is all I heard. I was expecting a household of woman at 10am for a meeting and I sat down to have a cup of coffee and watch 700 Club news and Pat Robertson announce that the Pope resigned and there was going to be a giant asteroid that Friday that could affect the satellite that affect the power to the East Coast. Now I was in full attention! That Thursday, February 14, T. L. Osborn went to heaven and it was recorded by Neville Johnson that a Meteor was going to be a sign of a great man going home to heaven. On the other side of the earth, a great meteor exploded 12 miles over an area. I wrote about it in my blog, along with several other meteor sightings. By the way, the expected asteroid that Friday was no problem, but it caused many to look up!

Last night, November 16, as we drove home from Houston, the moon was only a quarter lit, but it lit up the entire sky. I wanted to see what it looked like in the heavens on my SkyView app so I took this photo attached below. You will see the planet Mars on the hip of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Mars is often called the ‘planet of war’ because when it is close to earth, historically war breaks out. Coming forth in the water being poured out is  the planet Neptune (not one of the original 7 planets) hiding behind the quarter moon. The amazing thing to me is that the moon was not full, and yet it was so incredibly bright in the sky. I believe that this quarter moon and the meteors falling are a sign to look up, for the promises of the pouring out of His Spirit for this next great harvest will be met with great opposition (Mars). This causes us to understand that God is going to keep His promises of this great Harvest, awakening – but the enemy knows that his time is short and will come with great wrath.

The Torah reading today is Va Yetze (And he went out) from Genesis 28:10-32:2, the story of Jacob and his time in servitude under Laban. Next week the Torah reading will cover when Jacob was struck in the hip and his name was changed from Jacob (heel, deceit) to Israel (prevailing, superiority). Somehow Mars in the hip of Aquarius is causing me to dig into the Word so this is no my last word of these heavenly signs. Expect more…..

Aquarius 11.16.18

2014 has been an incredible year for heavenly signs and I had fun sharing on my  blogs!

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Keep looking up! 2015 will have 2 Blood Moons on Passover and Tabernacles and 2 solar eclipses on the 2 Jewish New Years! Plus, we are in a Shemitah year! We are living in very, very, very exciting times and the heavens are declaring the glory of the Lord!



I took the following photos with an ap on my iphone, SkyView Free. The Moon (not looking blood red on the SkyViewer) is right on top of Spica, the Branch. In Hebrew it is called Tsemech, The Branch. There are 24 Hebrew words that mean branch, but only one is Tsemech (H6780) and it is used exclusively for the Messiah and is used 4 times (Jeremiah 23:5; Zechariah 3:8 & 6:12; Isaiah 4:2)

To the right is the red planet, Mars. In Hebrew it is Ma’Adim, The Red One. This planet has become known as the Planet of War.

To the left is Saturn, Shabbtai, representing the Lord of the Sabbath rest.



Saturn is directly over Libra, “The Scales”. The Hebrew name is Mozanaim, “the scales, weighing”. Daniel 5:27, TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.