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Posted: March 7, 2018 in Prayer
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Prayer Cluster

Use the link above for a print friendly version of the Prayer Cluster, an image God gave Mary to show how to pray for your family and loved ones.

Write each of their names on a grape as they are included in your cluster as you pray over your cluster.

For more information on the Prayer Cluster check out Mary’s lesson at the following link: We Need to Plead the Blood – Make Your Voice Be Heard.

Blank Cluster with Scripture

In 2015 I crafted a prayer for July 4. I was based on Scripture references regarding, not our INDEPENDENCE, but our DEPENDENCE ON ALMIGHTY GOD for our nation.

This past week I had a chance to read this aloud from a worship tent outside of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. Below is a copy of this declaration. July 4, 2015, this was read from many of the states, including from a speaker system at the Washington Monument, Washington DC.

God Bless America

Proclamation for July 4 2015