Chapter Two of Song of Songs covers “Who I Am In Christ”, confessing our identity in Him.

Song 2:1, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”

“I am the rose of Sharon”This is her 1st faith declaration of 7. Her first confession in the first chapter was “I am dark”, his light (holiness) exposed her darkness. After she sees the truth in SOS 1:12-17, she can make a faith confession that she cannot yet see. The Rose of Sharon was a very common flower.

  • AMPC reads, “ [She said] I am only a little rose or autumn crocus of the plain of Sharon, or a [humble] lily of the valleys [that grows in deep and difficult places].”
    • She sees herself as ordinary, but loved by the King.

“And the lily of the valleys”This is the 2nd faith declaration of 7. Lily speaks of purity and humility.  The Bride’s primary purpose is to fully love (rose) and obey (lily) Jesus. You cannot separate love and obedience. It is all about our choice to love and obey, He does not change.

  • John 14:21, “Those who truly love me are those who obey my commands. Whoever passionately loves me will be passionately loved by my Father. And I will passionately love you in return and will manifest my life within you.” (TPT)

Valley speaks of the low places in this dark world, and she speaks plural — valleys. Our level of intimacy with Jesus in the valley (good or bad times) determines our spiritual success.

  • Revelation 2:3-5, ” I see what you’ve done, your hard, hard work, your refusal to quit. I know you can’t stomach evil, that you weed out apostolic pretenders. I know your persistence, your courage in my cause, that you never wear out. But you walked away from your first love—why? What’s going on with you, anyway? Do you have any idea how far you’ve fallen? A Lucifer fall! Turn back! Recover your dear early love. No time to waste, for I’m well on my way to removing your light from the golden circle.”
  • In this time of the 40 Days of Teshuvah, returning to our First Love, this is a very important thing to do, confess who you are in Jesus Christ!!! Remember, repent, confess and do the first works!



Last night we had a FULL MICRO HARVEST MOON on FRIDAY THE 13th! The moon will also be full tonight. There has not been a Full Moon on Friday the 13th since the year 2000 and there will not be another full moon on Friday the 13th until year 2049. I took a photo with my SkyView App on my iPhone last night about 11:00pm CST. You will see it at the bottom of this post.

This moon was called a MICRO moon, which is opposite of a Super Moon. A Super Moon is when the full moon is closest to the earth and the Micro is when it is full and furthest away. This moon was to be 14% smaller in our view, but because it was a Harvest Moon it was extremely bright. I woke in the middle of the night and it was shining bright enough in our window that I did not have to turn on a light.

Throughout our Bible the number 13 is a symbol of evil. In the King James Bible, the chapters and verses border on supernatural. Of all the 13’s in the Bible, 10% of them refer to something good, 5% of them refer to something neutral, 85% of all the verse 13s in the Bible refer to sin, Satan, rebellion or a curse. The number 13 is a symbol of evil.  The first occurrence of the number 13 is found in Genesis 14:4, “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled.” I am fully aware that the full moon last night was a time of great celebration in witchcraft.

But the sign in the heaven with the FULL MICRO HARVEST MOON last night was another promise from God to pour out His Spirit on all mankind. Galatians 3:13 is a fact and a promise, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree: (14) That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.”

Below we see the Constellation Aquarius. It is interesting that the online Encyclopedia Britannica connects the Age of Aquarius to Eschatology (study of end times, last days). It links the events with the rebirth of Israel and the incredible rise of Christianity in that time period. E.W. Bullinger wrote in “The Witness of the Stars”, the sing of Aquarius (The Water Bearer) ‘Their blessings ensured or the living waters of blessing poured forth for the redeemed’.” This shows a man pouring forth water from an urn which seems to have an inexhaustible supply, and which flows forth downwards into the mouth of the fish, which receives it and drinks it all up. (pg 84)

The Moon is a symbol of the Church, which has no light in itself.  Genesis 37:9 speaks of Joseph’s dream that the Sun, Moon and 11 stars bowed down to him. His father’s answer was “This time he told the dream to his father as well as to his brothers, but his father scolded him. “What kind of dream is that?” he asked. “Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow to the ground before you?” The 12 constellations have represented the 12 Tribes and the Sun was likened to Jacob and the Moon to Rachel.

Right above the full moon is Neptune, which was not one of the original 7 planets at Creation so I do not have a Bible reference for this planet.

In the 40-Day Season of Teshuvah, there is an open heaven where prayers are answered more readily than any other time of the year. It is a time when the King is in the field and the presence of the Lord is closer during these 40 days. I pray you will have special times with Him in these 40 days.

Friday the 13th

I just finished the devotions from Chapter One of the Song of Songs. The maiden first saw herself as dark, stained by life and drained by taking cared of everyone else’s fields, but not taking care of her own heart of faith. Burnout! Verses 12-17 is where she sees more of her purpose in her life by confessing what the King says about her.

This reminds me of the amazing movie that is out right now in many theaters, OVERCOMER by the Kendrick Brothers. There is a place in the movie where the teenage girl who is training for cross country racing gives her heart to the Lord. The Principle who led her to the Lord tells her to read Ephesians 1-2 to see all that God says she is. That is where she finds her identity.

Begin confessing your identity in Christ and watch your world change. Ephesians 1-2 says I am blessed, I am chosen, I am a child of God, He has a plan for me, I am loved, and much more. That is who YOU ARE TOO! Start confessing and agreeing with God and what He says you are. Live like a child of the King!

The maiden is overcome with the King’s love for her. She receives that love. That is what we are to do, receive the love of Jesus! When we reject it we stay in darkness, but when we receive His love we cannot help but to praise Him!

Song 1:16, “Behold, you are handsome, my beloved! Yes, pleasant! Also our bed is green. (17) The beams of our houses are cedar, and our rafters of fir.”

We see her 6-fold response in verses 16 & 17:

  1. You are handsome, beautiful
    1. Fair – yapheh,
  2. You are MY Beloved
    1. She has now made this very personal
  3. You are pleasant–  delightful, lovely kind
    1. Pleasant, Hebrew Naiym (na-Em’), generous to any one; agreeable
  4. Our Bed – couch, divan
    1. Green pastures are beds for sheep
    2. She has now been fed, reclining to rest (Ps 23:2, beside still waters- waters of rest)
  5. Beams of our houses (plural) are cedar
    1. Cedars from Lebanon, tall and strong trees
    2. Cedar was used for building and adorning the Temple and royal palaces, especially for wainscots and ceilings
    3. Cedar was used for the cleansing of lepers (Lev 14:51-52) and purification of sin (Num 19:6)
    4. This represents firmness and stability; supports. Humanity that is filled with glory!
    5. Cyprus and Fir were the 2 chief kinds of wood in Solomon’s time
  6. Rafters of fir
    1. Fir is a fragrant & beautiful wood, pleasing in sight & smell that was used for the galleries for walking in the Temple
    2. Fir here is also called Cypress. Hebrew Berowth, and is used for cypress, fir, juniper, pine.
    3. Cypress is produced in a place called “death city”. The Jews planted cyprus beside their graves. Hence, cyprus signifies our Lord’s death. Our shelter is the Lord’s humanity and benefits of His death.

Matthew Henry wrote in his commentary on, “Every thing in the covenant of grace (on which foot all their treaties are carried on) is very firm, very fine, and very fragrant.”

Jesus lifts us out of our shame and guilt. As long as we feel like a pig, we will act like a pig. A person who feels worthless will not try to overcome, they will be continually overcome themselves and become their own worst enemy.

The King speaks to the maiden, bringing her out of her shame, burnout and darkness. As you read this, meditate on the Bridegroom Jesus speaking to you.

Song 1:15, “Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove’s eyes.”

The King is calling us ‘My love’. This is how we need to see ourselves or we will never possess our Promised Land, the benefits that Jesus died to give us. Not only did God so love the world, Jesus loved us way back then! He chose to take our place in the death and burial so we would experience the life more abundantly. But we will never experience that life until we agree that He loves me, even in my shame, low-self worth. We need to see our self in HIS WORTH! He loves us, each of us, individually.

Doves Eyes: Doves only mate once in their lifetime. This speaks of loyalty, purity. Holy Spirit is symbolized as a dove and is loyal to Jesus. Doves have no peripheral vision, they are single eyed. They can only see one thing at a time. We are to have the Spirit’s perspective and see ourselves as Jesus sees us. “I am the disciple Jesus loves.”

The King calls her “fair” twice in this verse. The Hebrew word for fair here is “yapheh“, H3303 and means ‘beautiful, excellent, comely’.

The maiden had been consumed with her thoughts of herself, low self-worth. The enemy of the Cross will always point you to yourself and how you always fall short. But once Jesus really expresses His love for the Bride, expounds on her Beauty, she has come to life, revived, love is awakened again! Now she responds to the King with 3 responses.

Songs 1:12, “While the king is at his table, my spikenard sends forth its fragrance.(13) “A bundle of myrrh is my beloved to me, that lies all night between my breasts.”

  1. Worship as she feeds at the King’s table (vs 12)
    1. God has provided a table of blessings for us (1 Cor 10:21), the result of the Cross
    2. This reminds me of the Prodigal son that came home after a life wasted and his father rewards him for returning, and he sits at his father’s table.(Lk 15:20-32)
  2. She meditates day and night on the extravagant gift of His life for her (vs 13)
    1. Mike Bickle wrote: “The most obedient and worshipful saints think the most on the cross. It is their constant meditation and confession.”
    2. This 2 minutes song is an example on meditating on Jesus death, burial and resurrection.
  3. She sees His beauty (vs 13)
    1. it is amazing how beautiful Jesus is when you take your eyes off yourself!

Spikenard (spike of nard) is a perfume (used 3 times in Song of Songs). Nard is a plant found in India used to make the most expensive perfume. Our life of worship is sweet smelling to Jesus (2 Cor 2:14-16)

Myrrh is both a perfume and an embalming spice. It is an Arabian gum from the bark of a tree, used in sacred oil and in perfume. As the maiden sleeps, thoughts of Jesus give her a good night sleep. Even in her sleep she is expressing love for Him. His death is my life, that is amazing! Myrrh speaks of His suffering love.

Night time symbolically means ‘hard times’, when we don’t ‘see’ the answer (Josh 1:8)

Breasts speak of what feeds, nourishes. Faith and Love are the twins that satisfy and nourishes  us.  1 Thes 5:8, “But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation.”

VS 14, “My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blooms in the vineyards of En Gedi.”

My beloved is to me” – She has now ‘put on Christ’! She sees Him as her Savior!

Cluster – more than one, multi-faceted. Our King is so wonderful and beautiful in so many ways.

Henna Blossoms – Hebrew does not say henna blooms (KJV  camphire), but kopher (H3724), a price of a life, ransom, bribe; pitch

En Gedi  was known for the abundant fragrance, from Oasis West of the Dead Sea. When Jesus appears, there is always a fragrance. En Gedi means “the fountain of the lamb”.

Mike Bickle wrote in his Studies for God School 2007: Understanding this Song helps us identify the issues that God is specifically dealing with in our lives. It equips us to discern what God is doing in the different seasons in our lives……People often find themselves in two different places in this Song in the seasons of their life.  I revisit the same place in the Song again and again.

In the Month of ELUL, it is a time in history when the King would come off his throne and go to where the people were, in the fields and wherever they were working.  In verses 9-11 we see the King affirming his love for the Maiden, the same as Jesus wants to affirm His love for the Bride of Christ.

Songs 1:9, “ I have compared you, my love, to my filly among Pharaoh’s chariots.”

Pharaoh’s war chariots had the best and most trained horses in the world. King Solomon, was the wealthiest man in the world and he bought many of Pharaoh’s horses. A horse is a symbol of strength, power and denotes swiftness. In her flesh we felt weak, but Jesus sees us in strength to lift us out of our weaknesses.

Song 1:10, “Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments, your neck with chains of gold.”

Cheeks speak of emotions (blush, dimples). The emotions of anger, joy or sadness are expressed in the cheeks.

Ornaments speak of her character. Ornaments are created by the skillful work of an artist. Jesus is the artist that makes us beautiful. When we have walked closely with Jesus, we are not concerned about the little things that normally cause us anger and sadness. He lifts us up and gives us ‘beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness’ (Is 61:3)

The Neck speaks of our will (stiff neck, stubborn). Our neck turns the head as it chooses which way to go. A neck without a necklace signified a stubborn neck. But this maiden has chains of gold! Gold is purified by fire. The maiden has purified her will to submit entirely to the King.

Song 1:11,  “We will make you ornaments of gold with studs of silver.”

Some translations of this verse say it is the Daughters of Jerusalem, the immature believers, who are speaking to the Maiden. But I like Watchman Nee’s interpretation. “We will” is the King’s promise, and in the plural ‘we’ the Holy Spirit is making reference to the Trinity. (Gen 1:26, ‘let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness.’)

The maiden’s ornaments of Gold speaks of the divine character, with the works of the flesh burned and purified with fire (Mal 3:1-4; Rev 3:18). In Revelation 3:18 it speaks of “buy from Me gold refined in the fire”. That speaks there will be a cost to this refining, it will cost us something, not with money, but with sacrifice to return to the Lord.

Silver speaks of redemption. She will be used to bring deliverance to the captives because she is redeemed and has paid the price to walk in that redemption. This is the only time the word ‘studs’ is used in the Bible. He will bring order into our thought life as we submit to His ways. The ‘helmet of salvation’ is provided for us, but we need to put it on.