2014 Heavenly Review

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Eclipses, Planets, Signs In The Heavens
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2014 has been an incredible year for heavenly signs and I had fun sharing on my  blogs!

  • 1/1/14 – 2014 Blood Moon Update
    • Overview of the upcoming 2014 Lunar and Solar Eclipses
  • 1/3/14- January 2014 Sky Highlights
    • Featuring my personal favorite- ORION
    • Good overview of the winter wandering and fixed stars
  • 2/18/14 – Solar Eclipse Update- April 29,2014
    • Featuring the very rare ring of fire solar eclipse on the deadline the US had given Israel for the peace agreement
  • 2/19/14 – Temple Mount 20 Year Ago
    • Featuring the famous photo of the 2008  Blood Moon over Temple Mount and connection to the earthquake  and Winter Olympics of 20 years ago
  • 3/12/14 – Mahmoud Abbas Coming to Washington DC on Sushan Purim
    • Asteroid QQ47 was found in 2003 that was expected to hit earth 3/21/14, but changed position
  • 3/18/14 – Passover Blood Moon Update
    • Information on where the April 2014 Passover Blood Moon would be located
  • 3/20/14 – Jupiter and Gemini
    • Information on God’s original intent for this wandering star (Jupiter) and fixed star alignment (Gemini) in the heavens
  • 4/15/14 – Amazing Blood Moon
    • My viewing of the Blood Moon and what it meant prophetically
  • 5/15/14 – Amazing 2nd Passover Full Moon
  • 6/15/14 – Signs in the Heaven and the Vatican Agenda
    • So much info! A Must Read!
  • 8/3/14 – Signs in the Heaven speak “Arise My Love”
    • Heavenly alignment of Cancer, Gemini, Jupiter and Venus – their Hebrew names and God’s original intent
  • 8/3/14 – Super Moon August 10th – Erev Tu B’ Av
    • The moon would be closer to earth on the ‘Happiest Day on the Hebraic Calender”
  • 9/7/14 – October 2014 Eclipses
    • October 8th Full Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacle and October 23rd partial Solar Eclipse
  • 10/6/14 – Blood Moon October 8
    • Sharing how unusual this eclipse would be and when and where to look in the heavens
  • 10/3/14 – Sky View on Eve of Day of Atonement
    • The moon in the Constellation Capricorn, Hebrew understanding and original intent

Keep looking up! 2015 will have 2 Blood Moons on Passover and Tabernacles and 2 solar eclipses on the 2 Jewish New Years! Plus, we are in a Shemitah year! We are living in very, very, very exciting times and the heavens are declaring the glory of the Lord!



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