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I took the following photos with an ap on my iphone, SkyView Free. The Moon (not looking blood red on the SkyViewer) is right on top of Spica, the Branch. In Hebrew it is called Tsemech, The Branch. There are 24 Hebrew words that mean branch, but only one is Tsemech (H6780) and it is used exclusively for the Messiah and is used 4 times (Jeremiah 23:5; Zechariah 3:8 & 6:12; Isaiah 4:2)

To the right is the red planet, Mars. In Hebrew it is Ma’Adim, The Red One. This planet has become known as the Planet of War.

To the left is Saturn, Shabbtai, representing the Lord of the Sabbath rest.



Saturn is directly over Libra, “The Scales”. The Hebrew name is Mozanaim, “the scales, weighing”. Daniel 5:27, TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.


The Astronomy magazine for April 14 has an amazing article for the April 15 Blood Moon on Passover.April 2014: While Mars shines brighter than at any time since 2007 and Jupiter blazes in the west after sunset, North American observers won’t want to miss the total eclipse of the Moon on April 14/15″

The article includes where the moon will eclipse at totality at 3am CST. I would like to share what this setting means according to Biblical astronomy, since God created the sun, moon and stars for ‘signs and seasons’. (Genesis 1:14)

Looking southwest, the moon will eclipse very very close the brightest star in Virgo called Spica.

  • Virgo is Latin, but Hebrew name is Bethulah, the virgin.
  • Spica in Latin, but in Hebrew it is called Tsemech, which is used exclusively for the Messiah. E.W. Bullinger writes in his classic “The Witness of the Stars”, ‘There are twenty Hebrew words translated “Branch,” but only one of them (Tsemech) is used exclusively of the Messiah, and this word only four times (Jer 33:15 being only a repetition of Jer 23:5). Each of these further connects Him with one special account of Him, given in the Gospels.’
  • The Moon will eclipse on Passover, the date that Christ our Passover Lamb was sacrificed for us (1 Corinthians 5:7b)

To the left of the Blood moon will be the ringed planet Saturn

  • Saturn which is a beautiful gas planet, no space ship will ever land on this magnificent ‘wandering star
  • The Hebrew name for Saturn is Shabbtai, meaning ‘rest’ and represents the “Lord of the Sabbath’

To the upper right of the Blood moon will be the red planet Mars

  • Mars has been known as the planet of war because it has taken the name of the Roman god of war
  • This planet in Hebrew is called Ma’adim, meaning ‘the Adam‘, “the Son of Man
  • Mars will be the brightest and largest at this time and will not be this size again until 2016

I believe in the days ahead those He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1). Jesus, our Passover Lamb, has given us rest. He is and will ever be the “Lord of the Sabbath’ rest.

But for the world there will be great unrest. Unrest, wars, rumors of war are on the news every night. But those who seek the presence of God will experience supernatural provisions and rest much as the Israelite children in the land of Goshen, as recorded for us as examples in Exodus.

Keep watching and looking up! But never worship the creation, on the Creator!