Solar Eclipse of June 1, 2011

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Eclipses, Signs In The Heavens

Solar eclipses happen when the moon covers the sun and there is darkness on the earth during the time when the sun should be shining. This happens when there is ‘no’ noon, at the beginning or end of a lunar calendar month.

What was so unusual about this eclipse?

  • It happened at ‘midnight’ instead of during the day. The eclipse covered the northern countries below the North Pole who are in a period of sun day and night. At midnight they were still light and they were able to experience this spectacular event
  • It covered 2 days.  It began early Thursday (June 2) over northeast Asia, but actually ended Wednesday night because its narrow path of visibility — where skywatchers could see the event — crossed the International Date Line. This means the eclipse went backwards to the day before!  Interesting note: June 1st was Jerusalem Day- the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem coming back into the hand of Israel.
  • This type of ‘midnight‘ solar eclipse will not take place again until 2084.
  • June 1st eclipse is the first of 3 that will happen within 30 days. (June 15- total lunar, July 1- solar)

Watch for my posting of the June 15 Blood Moon over Jerusalem.

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