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Tonight concludes the Festival of Lights and all 9 candles will be lit, the Servant Candle lighting all eight.

The number 8 stands for ‘new beginnings’. It also means Resurrection or regeneration. Sh’moneh, shah’meyn (root) “to make fat”, to cover with fat”, “to super-abound”. Noah was the 8th person to come out of the ark; on the 8th day a Jewish boy was to be circumcised; Jesus was resurrected on the first day, which would be the 8th day; 8th note is a repetition.

The letter Chet is the 8th letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet and carries the numerical value of 8. In ancient times it was a pictograph of a fence and thereby it has come to symbolize 1) to separate 2) to cut off from 3) to protect.

The word GRACE is a Chet word (Chet, a fence–  Samech, support–  Hey, feminine ending meaning what comes from) The grace of God protects us in our life.

Tonight on the 8th day of Hanukkah, I encourage you to read Psalm 119:57-64. These verses are a teaching using the letter Chet to show us that God’s grace, favor and Word are a fence that keeps us safe within and keeps our enemies out.

Tonight is a good night to recommit your body, the Temple of God again. Come back into the favor of God by humbling yourself and seek His will for your life.