Remember the Sabbath

Posted: July 1, 2019 in Holidays- Holy Days
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A few weeks ago I did a teaching on Sabbath Keeping and I want to share this with you now. Sabbath keeping has not been honored in this generation and maybe that is why the Church has not seen many breakthroughs. I have a group of friends who are War Eagles and none of them would not break the Sabbath since they have found incredible power in prayer from this one act of honor. It is not legalism, but a matter of honor.

  1. Wrenn says:

    You’re right that our Heavenly Father does not force us to keep His commandments. Over, and over, He instructs us of the blessings we will enjoy if we obey His instructions. When I began my journey into being Torah Observant and a Sabbath Keeper, I had to unlearn many of the incorrect teachings and doctrines of the denomination I was raised in. It began with becoming Spirit Filled. I found that keeping the Sabbath (Saturday not Sunday) rest,was difficult to attain at first. It truly is part of walking out my salvation! For me; a wife, mother & business owner; I was worn out. I needed a day of rest! I was in high gear 7 days a week. I’ve found the Sabbaths and Feasts are events to look forward to. Through my walk and study of scripture, I think I missed out on a lot of blessings because I wasn’t obeying the scriptures. It started out with a bit of effort but now it is a joy! I enjoy the Saturday Sabbath beginning Friday night and then enjoy going to church on Sunday morning. Thanks for the teaching Mary! I love you & Ken!

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