Moon September 26, 2015

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Eclipses, Feast of Tabernacles

Sunday night at 9:44pm Central Standard Time we will view the 4th Blood Moon of the Four Blood Moons of 2014-2015. I went out into my back yard tonight, looked southeast and shot a few views with my SkyView App.

Moon near Aquarius 9.26.15Moon hear Pisces 9.26.15





In both shots the moon is black and white. The light blue planet below Pisces (fish) is Uranus and the bright blue planet in Aquarius is Neptune. Neither of these 2 planets are the original 7 planets, which made up the heavenly menorah on Creation.

Tomorrow night the Blood Moon will be found in Pisces – the Fishes. The sign of Pisces has always been interpreted as the nation of Israel. Why? Maybe because Abraham was a stranger here on earth, knowing there was a heavenly city, whose builder and maker was God. (Hebrews 11:10)

Abarbanel, a Jewish commentator, writing on Daniel, affirms that the Sign Pisces always refers to the people of Israel. He gives five reasons for this belief, and also affirms that a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn always betokens a crisis in the affairs of Israel. Because such a conjunction took place in his day (about 1480 AD), he looked for the coming of Messiah.

E. W. Bullinger comments on this : Certainly when the sun is in Pisces all the constellations which are considered noxious, are seen above the horizon. What is true in astronomical observation is true also in historical fact. When God’s favor is shown to Israel, ‘the Jew’s enemy’ puts forth his malignant powers. When they increased and multiplied in Egypt, he endeavored to compass the destruction of the nation by destroying the male children; but their great Deliverer remembered His covenant, defeated the designs of the enemy, and brought the counsel of the heathen to nought. So it was in Persia; and so it will be yet be again when the hour of Israel’s final deliverance has come.










  1. kim beard says:

    Hi Mary, I enjoy your blogs and wondered if you would have opportunity to visit the website I found about a year ago. I contacted the owners and they even gave me permission to print the information. Blessings and Shalom! Kim Beard (frequent visitor to BOLIM)

    > from the link…. >

    > PISCES….In Hebrew this constellation is Dagim, the ‘im’ ending indicating a plural. Dagim means “fishes.” The Syriac word, meaning the same thing, is Nunno. This constellation is also faint, and there are no known ancient star names. One of the two fish in the constellation is marked by a circle of stars. > > Biblically, the two fish represent the two bodies, or assemblies, controlled by Christ: Israel being the earthly, or horizontal, fish and the body of believing Christians being the vertical fish. Together they represent both the earthly and spiritual bodies claimed by God. > > The old star charts show the hoof of Aries the Ram resting on the band which binds the two fish together. This therefore indicates that there are two bodies or assemblies which the Lamb of God (Messiah) controls. Historically we know that this is the Children of Israel (the earthly or horizontal fish) and the Gentile believers (Church or vertical fish). Together they represent the earthly children and spiritual children of Messiah. > >

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