Blood Moon October 8

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Eclipses, Feast of Tabernacles, Signs In The Heavens
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The 2nd Blood Moon of this Blood Moon Tetrad over the Feast Days of the Lord on Passover and Tabernacles of 2014 will be seen at 6:25am EDT and end at 7:24 EDT according to NASA. This will be the last total lunar eclipse of 2014.  (5:25-6:24 CST)

This siting will be VERY RARE, since some areas will be able to see the full eclipse of the Moon as the Sun rises. This is called a “senenelion“, meaning the sun and eclipsed moon can be seen at the same time in some areas. According to geometry, this cannot happen. Well, we are living in very unusual times.

Keep looking up! I am praying for clear skies and plan to watch it from the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. Karen A. Callanan says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful informative postings!

    I send them on to a friend outside of Chicago who teaches on the feasts and who introduced me to Mark Biltz Blood Moon teaching. You always give special tidbits of revelation.

    Mark Biltz has stated that although no one knows for sure except the Lord but it his opinion that the Tribulation will begin on the last Blood Moon in 2015 on the Feast of Tabernacles.



  2. Rev Thomas Belcher says:

    take a look at tonights eclipse , there is a second eclipse and I suspect that it has a prophetic message . Looking at the “Blood moon” with Stellarium.exe we can see that when the moon turns the “Adom” red as Joel speaks of, But just as it enters and exits the eclipse we also see that at the time of totality the moon is also eclipsing the Planet URANUS , I dont understand the significance of this . But no doubt it bears a hidden meaning . Any comments ?

    • mbostrom2 says:

      Thank you for your insight. I don ‘t have an answer on URANUS since it is not one of the original “wandering star” planets at Creation. I try to stay with God’s original intent. I also believe that God’s Signs in the a Heavens should be able to be seen by everyone, not just those privileged with a telescope. The Blood Moon this morning was spectacular to all and seen with a naked eye. Keep looking up Pastor!

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