Kislev – The Month of Dreams

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Hebrew Months
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Tonight at sundown begins the Hebrew month of Kislev. It is the 9th month on the sacred calendar that counts the months and the 3rd month on the civil calendar that marks the year. The name Kislev comes from a Hebrew word that means ‘security, hope or trust’.

Each month on the Jewish calendar has a Hebrew letter, Constellation and Tribe associated with it. This month all three of those have to do with ‘security, hope and trust’!!

I had a spiritual dream last week in which I was given point by point of what to minister when I gave the Kislev message at Breath of Life International Ministries yesterday. The message was Dare to Dream- Dream on Purpose. Father God wants us to change our mindset and begin to see your life today in the positive instead of the negative.

The Torah portions for the month of Kislev include 9 of the 10 dreams of Genesis. All are from the Throne of God and carry heavenly strategies that help us get back into alignment with His purpose for each of us.

Each of us have thought constantly going through our minds that are either positive or negative. In the times we are living in we need to purpose to be positive based on what the Word of God says. Jeremiah 29:11says that our Heavenly Father has a good plans and a good future for each of us. Dream on purpose that things are going to turn around in your life.

  • When Dottie Osteen was told she had a short time to live she put pictures of herself with scriptures and kept seeing herself living and strong. She is alive today and ministers with her son Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston.
  • When Gloria Copeland had nothing but bills she began a scrapbook of pictures of what her home would look like and began to dream about her new home. She is now living in her dream home.
  • When Dr Cho of South Korea had nothing he began to dream on purpose, visualizing about his ministry. Little by little his nothing became one of the largest churches in the world.

What can you lose? Begin a dream book or a dream board and dare to dream. Keep a journal by your bed and expect Throne Room strategies in this divinely ordered month when heavenly dreams are in season!

LETTER: Samech. This is the 15th letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet and has the numerical value of 60. When I think of 60 I think of the clock of 60 minutes. We have been given another hour today as we turned our clock back! We don’t have to redo the past but we have a fresh start! The letter literally means ‘trust, complete, support or coming full circle’. Dare to trust God’s Word completely that your circumstances are about to shift and your best is yet to come!

CONSTELLATION: Sagittarius, ‘the archer’.  This represents our Redeemer has already triumphed and is coming back as the Son of God & Son of Man with great quickness. (Rev 6:2)Dare to dream that your turnaround victory has already been won and will come quickly.

TRIBE: Benjamin, represents Abundant Grace.

  • 12th son of Jacob
  • Only son born in the Promised Land
  • Spoiled, protected and provisions freely provided
  • 5 times more food and clothing given to him in Egypt
  • King Saul, Paul the Apostle and Queen Esther all from the Tribe of Benjamin
  • Began his life with selfishness, but ended his life as a great giver

Dare to dream that you are going to be lavished and spoiled with heavenly grace this month and everything is shifting to your favor. A video from the evil one has been playing in your head that you will die, your will be homeless, you are fat and will always be fat, you are a failure, nobody likes you, etc. Read the promises written in our Father’s love letter to us and dare to dream that your best days are coming quickly. Your children are coming home, your back wages are being restored, your house is supernaturally paid off and you are giving testimony to your divine healing!! JUST DARE TO DREAM & DREAM BIG. DON’T LIMIT GOD WITH YOUR SMALL THINKING!!


  1. SG says:

    Thank you for sending the email. I can’t get back into my Linkednd account or whatever it’s called.

    I am not of the name it & claim it persuasion. Many TV preachers have turned me off for that subject and other reasons too.

    However, as I told all who I fwd this to, you give such a great article for trying this out for a month. Maybe I have only something to gain.

    How can I hear your Dare to Dream- Dream on Purpose speech to possibly push my negative (I call it realist) self-hating side off my property line?


  2. Joy says:

    Awesome now word!

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