Heavenly Signs of Friday, February 15, 2013

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Signs In The Heavens
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WOW! Everyone was looking for the must anticipated Asteroid 2012 DA14 that would come into our atmosphere today, but the meteorite that hit Russia caught most everyone by surprise! The Asteroid was 130,000 tons and quietly passed the earth 17,000 miles away.

But the Meteorite seen today was seen with a naked eye over a path of 300 miles at the speed of over 33,000 miles per hour. In the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia the sonic boom shock wave blew in doors, smashed glass and set off car alarms. Over 1,100 people were injured and 43 were hospitalized. 3,000 buildings suffered damaged.

What is the difference between a Meteorite and an Asteroid? I am glad you asked.

A Meteoroid is a rock in space from an asteroid or comet orbiting the sun.

A Meteor is what the rock becomes when it hits the atmosphere. It is often called a ‘shooting star’ or ‘falling star’

A Meteorite is what remains of it, should it survive the journey and hit earth. This is what hit Russia today.

An Asteroid comes from a Greek word aster. This is used many times in the New Testament such as Revelation 6:13,And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind.” The stars that will fall from heaven in the End of Days will be very much like the Meteorite that fell in Russia today.  I consider this a preview of coming events.

An Asteroid is a relatively small, inactive body, composed of rock, carbon or metal, which is orbiting the Sun. They are also known as ‘wandering stars’. Most of the asteroids in our solar system can be found orbiting the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in what is called an ‘asteroid belt’.

There is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt called Ceres. In the belt, as many as 40,000 asteroids of ½ mile in size, others ranging from a few feet to several miles. Much like a highway, the asteroids often collide and break up into smaller asteroids and continue to orbit. Sometimes an asteroid can be captured by gravitational pull of a planet and go into orbit.

Larger asteroids with a 20-megatron punch enter every 400 years, while a one-kilometer, 10,000-megatron comet (or one asteroid) hits once in 100,000 years. Scientists believe Meteor Crater  was formed by a 130-foot chunk of meteoric iron that hit Arizona with a force of 45 megatons, digging a hole 3/4 of a mile across and 750 feet deep. The meteorite that formed the Meteor Crater in Arizona traveled at 12 miles a second before impact.

As the End of Days closes in, we will see more and more sign in the Heavens. Genesis 1:14 clearly states that the Sun, Moon and Stars are for SIGNS and for SEASONS. Seasons is the Hebrew word moedim, fixed appointed times of God and are His set times. There has never been a prophetic event that has not been accompanied by a sign in the heavens. Look up, our redemption is drawing nigh!

  1. Shalee Healing says:

    Do you think there could be anything significant about the name of the city in Russia that this meteor flew by and landed near? I’m trying to put the trumpets and the seals together. (Rev 9:1)
    Thanks 🙂
    I put a mazzaroth together for comet 2012 DA14, and think this is quite significant! The fact that no one saw this coming speaks volumes!

    • mbostrom2 says:

      2 heavenly signs in one day! Do you know what the Hebrew word for coincidence is? THERE IS NONE!! Everything means something.
      I will look into the significance of the name of the city, do not have anything right now. Blessings on your rest.

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