Heavenly Show August 12th, possibly again August 13

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Signs In The Heavens

Remember where we are on the calendar. The Jewish season of Teshuvah began the 11th and also Ramadan. Hmmm

We are at the beginning of the lunar month so the moon will be new, what is called in Hebrew, “The Holy”. It will be very small. When our children were small they called it a ‘toe nail’. Because the moon is still small we should have a good viewing of the stars. When the moon is full it is harder to see the constellations (fixed stars) and planets (wandering stars).

Let’s pray for a clear sky so we can see all that is happening in the sky Thursday and Friday nights.

First of all, we will have a meteor shower showing with as many as 60-100 meteors an hour looking northeast. This should happen when the sky is really dark, closer to midnight and after. It is called the Perseid Meteor Showers and promise to be a great show. Meteor showers are also known as ‘shooting stars’.

  • Meteoroid is a rock in space from an asteroid or comet orbiting the sun
  • Meteors are when they are in our atmosphere
  • Meteorite is what they are called if they land on earth

The shower is caused by the earth going through  Perseus

  • Perseus is The Breaker (the King, delivering the Redeemed seen walking on the path of the Milky Way) Micah 2:13. In his right hand he has a mighty ‘sword of the Spirit’, lifted up to strike the enemy. He has wings on his feet, showing He will come ‘quickly’ and ‘swiftly’. In his left hand he carries the head of the enemy that has been slain! YEAH!!!
  • Perseus is a decan of  the constellation Aries, The Ram or Lamb (the Lamb that was slain, prepared for victory)


Four planets come into view shortly after sunset in the west , approximately 8:45pm.  Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn gather low in the west at dusk and set within 2 hours of the Sun. Brilliant Venus stands out far more than the others. They will connect with the Porrima, also called Kaphar, The Atonement Star, at the heart of Virgo the Virgin. That gives us 5 lights stacked closely together in the constellation Virgo!   Let’s review them:

  • At the bottom, New Moon, Hebrew Chodesh, the emblem of the Holy Spirit
  • Right above it, Venus, Hebrew Nogah, The Splendor, representing the Splendor of the Lord- the brightest light
  •  Above and to the right of Venus, Saturn, Hebrew Shabbatai, representing Lord of the Sabbath
  • Above Venus to the left is Mars, Hebrew Ma’Adim, The Adam, representing the Son of Man
  • Right above Mars is the Atonement Star, at the heart of Virgo

These 5 glowing stars clustered together reflect the heart of the Virgin. The Hebrew month we are now in is Elul, the accronym of the Hebrew wording  ‘I am my beloved and my beloved’s is mine’, found in the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon). This month is all about getting back to your first love. (Revelation 2:4)


Jupiter, Hebrew Tzedek, the Righteous joins the sky and is seen rising shortly after 10pm, best seen after midnight. The planet Jupiter represents the Messiah and often Israel because it is the King David planet. The Moon and Venus are the brightest ‘wandering stars’, but this month Jupiter will be the 3rd brightest star in the heavens. September 2010, when the Fall Feasts of the Lord begin, Jupiter will rule the night. (Selah)

If we have a cloudless night, Ken and I plan to spray the yard and lay in the pool and star watch- giving glory to God.

This is looking to be a better show than the Saturday nights during summer in Echo, Minnesota when they showed Ma & Pa Kettle movies free by the Grain Elevator. Yee Hah!!! Free shows are back again, this time starring Genesis 1:14, signs and for seasons.



  1. Nikki Heitzeberg says:

    Wow, wow, wow! The star DO speak of the glory of Him! Thank you so much for this info. Blessings, nikki heitzeberg

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