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Jesus lifts us out of our shame and guilt. As long as we feel like a pig, we will act like a pig. A person who feels worthless will not try to overcome, they will be continually overcome themselves and become their own worst enemy.

The King speaks to the maiden, bringing her out of her shame, burnout and darkness. As you read this, meditate on the Bridegroom Jesus speaking to you.

Song 1:15, “Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove’s eyes.”

The King is calling us ‘My love’. This is how we need to see ourselves or we will never possess our Promised Land, the benefits that Jesus died to give us. Not only did God so love the world, Jesus loved us way back then! He chose to take our place in the death and burial so we would experience the life more abundantly. But we will never experience that life until we agree that He loves me, even in my shame, low-self worth. We need to see our self in HIS WORTH! He loves us, each of us, individually.

Doves Eyes: Doves only mate once in their lifetime. This speaks of loyalty, purity. Holy Spirit is symbolized as a dove and is loyal to Jesus. Doves have no peripheral vision, they are single eyed. They can only see one thing at a time. We are to have the Spirit’s perspective and see ourselves as Jesus sees us. “I am the disciple Jesus loves.”

The King calls her “fair” twice in this verse. The Hebrew word for fair here is “yapheh“, H3303 and means ‘beautiful, excellent, comely’.