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The first named of the 12 Disciples is always Peter. He is my favorite and I think most of us can compare our desire to follow Jesus in every way, but keep falling short and missing the mark. Speaking up when we should be silent. Keeping our word to Jesus instead of succumbing to fear of people. I would never have picked Peter if I were choosing the leader of the 12 who would carry the Gospel to the world, but I am not God. God always sees the end from the beginning. The name Peter is used 2nd to the name Jesus in the Gospels. No other disciple asked so many questions. No other disciples so quickly answered Jesus.

Peter was most certainly, “Covered in the Master’s Dust.”

In this video I share about the “MAKING OF A DISCIPLE“, the choosing and training of the 12 Disciples to carry out Jesus’ teachings after He was gone. We know¬† that Jesus had more than 12 disciples because of the record in Luke 10:1 & 17. In those verses it either records 70 or 72 ‘others’, meaning disciples. But when it got to the end of John 6, many scattered and only the 12 remained.

These 12 were by no means ‘qualified’. After my study I decided to call them the ‘dirty dozen’ because they were so unqualified, and yet they were the one that were Chosen. When Father God asked me to teach this, He said call it “Chosen but not Perfect”. None of us are qualified to do the work of the ministry and yet, each of us are called to some part of the work in these Last Days. Holy Spirit is the One who gives the qualifications and power to all who are called and yield themselves to that high calling.

This series I am putting on my blog site is one of the most popular teachings I have done. It is the historical teachings of Jesus the Rabbi and His Disciples. It is amazing to me that at Christmas, most people can name all of Santa’s reindeer, but cannot name more than 4 of Jesus’ 12 Disciples. Most all can name Peter, Matthew, John and Judas, but stop there.

This is Part 1 of 11, JESUS THE RABBI. Carpenters did not have disciples – Rabbis did. Did you know that Jesus was only call a carpenter one time, and that was in a very derogatory manner. Even the Pharisees called him Rabbi or Teacher. So let’s go on to the video for the full story. Comment if you enjoy or disagree.  I like to have your input.