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Last night the moon was so bright and beautiful, but tonight will be the big treat! It will be seen in many countries according to NASA’s chart below. The East Coast in the US will be able to view it at sundown around 8pm. This rare full moon will also bring a four foot plus tide to the East Coast.

lunar eclipse of Oct 18 2013

This Moon Eclipse is a penumbral moon and will not be the beautiful blood color as the total lunar Eclipse of next Passover, but it will still be a sight to behold. It is also called a Hunter’s Moon because the hunters are preparing to hunt before the long winter season.

IN HISTORY- I always like to find out what happened in Jewish History when something happens in the heavenlies. 96 years ago today, in 1917, the British government gave final approval for the Balfour Declaration, calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in historic Israel. The declaration took the form of a letter from Arthur Balfour, British Foreign Secretary, to Lord Rothschild, who had once been a member of the British Parliament. In 1922, the United States Congress formally endorsed the Balfour Declaration. In the ensuing decades, the British would slowly whittle away at their commitment — first lopping off 80 percent of the land east of the Jordan River to create the Kingdom of Transjordan (now Jordan), and then restricting Jewish immigration and rights to purchase land to the west of the Jordan River. The volatility of the situation ultimately forced the British to withdraw from the region in 1948.