Declaration of Dependence on Almighty God

Posted: June 1, 2017 in Prayer

In 2015 I crafted a prayer for July 4. I was based on Scripture references regarding, not our INDEPENDENCE, but our DEPENDENCE ON ALMIGHTY GOD for our nation.

This past week I had a chance to read this aloud from a worship tent outside of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. Below is a copy of this declaration. July 4, 2015, this was read from many of the states, including from a speaker system at the Washington Monument, Washington DC.

God Bless America

Proclamation for July 4 2015


  1. smeyer7 says:

    I agree that during the coming years this declaration does come true in the USA and begins to come true in Israel, even as we pray for her too.

  2. MindyK says:

    Mary,This made the hair stand up on my neck! VERRRRY ANOINTED!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Melinda

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