Elul 5779 – Teshuvah Day 18 (9/18/19)

Posted: September 18, 2019 in Song of Songs, Teshuvah 40 Day Devotional

The Maiden gives her  3rd revelation of the King. (Remember, in this month of Elul, the King is in the field)

Songs 2:8, “The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.”

Up to now she has had 2 revelations of what we see in Jesus, now we see Him as King!

  • Shepherd – 1:7-11, protector and provider (Ps 23:1)
  • Father – 1:12, comforter and supplier (Is 9:6, Everlasting Father)
  • King – 2:8, King over nations, King of Kings, Lord of Lords; leaping over mountains (governments, problems, all authority) and that thrills her

The Message Bible, “Look! Listen! There’s my lover! Do you see him coming? Vaulting the mountains, leaping the hills.”  In Hebrew it reads “Hark!, literally ‘The Sound’ of my Beloved! This is a sound of complete joy!

Leaping over Mountains: The term mountain is used symbolically in the Bible. It is a natural image of stability (Ps 30:7), obstacles (Zech 4:7; Matt 11:23), God’s power (Ps 121:1-2); large, big things we cannot overcome; demonic mountains

Hills are still problems, but smaller.

I was reading the ArtScrolls Tanach Series book on Shir haShirim (Song of Songs). “According the the account in the Midrash, the verse refers to Moses. When he came and said to Israel, ‘In this month you will be delivered’, they said to him, ‘our teacher Moses, how can we be delivered? Did not God say to Abraham [Gen 15:13] ‘And they shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years’, and so far only two hundred and ten have passed. Moses answered; Since God desires to deliver you, He disregards your calculations, but ‘leaps over the mountains‘, the ‘mountains’ and hills mentioned here referring to the calculations and periods. He ‘leaps over’ these calculations and periods and in this month you will be delivered.”(page 105) Ibn Aknin quotes the Midrash that ‘mountains’ refers to their intentional transgressions, which God ‘skipped over’ [overlooked; forgave].

Watchman Nee taught, “But though she takes pleasure in His return to her, yet she does not, as we shall see, heed His words, nor is truly submissive to Him.”

  • This is truly what happens when the immature believers want to only have fun and excitement in the Christian walk.

Songs 2:9, “My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, he stands behind our wall; He is looking through the windows, gazing through the lattice.”

Young stag is an adult male deer.

A Gazelle can easily leap in victory over mountainous areas and has boundless energy

Jesus is now “seated” at the right hand of God. There are 2 times that Jesus ‘stands’ and when He stands He is ready for action or when He stands in honor (Stephen)

  • Stephen’s stoning (Acts 7:55)
  • Laodicean Church (Rev 3:20), ready to knock on the door of the “lukewarm Church”

OUR Wall — This is not a wall she put up, but the wall of protection from distractions that the Holy Spirit has formed. She continues to remain undisturbed.

Through the Lattice –He is outside and wants to woo her and lead her into new things.

Perfect verse for these 40 Days of Teshuvah!

  • Perry Stone wrote in the 40 Days of Teshuvah, “the word arubah (root word) coveys an image of something akin to a pigeon hole or chimney. These would be relatively small openings, but nevertheless, sufficient to serve their purpose. The purpose, in this case, is to pour out blessings from heaven to earth, but focused on those who have been faithful to God.” [note- arubah is the Hebrew word for windows in Malachi 3:10, and it does not mean ‘flood gates’] Arubah also implies a lattice, which is connected to the idea of someone watching another through a very small opening





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