Supermoon Triad – 1 of 3

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Signs In The Heavens
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Israel Supermoon Dec 3 2017

Supermoon One – December 2/3, 2017

A Supermoon occurs when the moon is in “perigee”, when it is closer to the earth and looks much brighter and larger. Generally speaking, full Moons occur near perigee every 13 months and 18 days, but three “perigee moons” in a row is very unusual. The last time this happened was the summer of 2014 — July 12th, August 10th and September 9th.

When I began to study the Signs in the Heavens about 20 years ago, I heard God tell me to watch 2017. I had people asking me if Jesus was coming with the 2014/2015 Blood Moon Tetrads, and I always told them “NO”, because I was to watch for 2017. I was not told to speculate, try to figure out what was going to happen with the End Time prophecies, but I was to ‘WATCH’, period.

2017 Signs in the Heavens watching was much like Elijah in the cave. I Kings 19:11-18, the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake or the fire, but in the still small voice. August 21, 2017 had the total solar eclipse coming west to east over the United States. September 23, 2017 had the Revelation 12:1 Sign in the Heaven, a 7,000 year occurrence.  Each of these were extremely prophetic because of their timing on God’s calendar, but I knew I was looking for something more — and I almost missed it!  What I had been waiting for was the Supermoon of December 2/3, depending on which side of midnight you are located. I did not realize it’s significance or that it was a very unusual ‘triad’, one of 3 in a row.

The events happening around the first Supermoon is what stands out as an End Times prophetic  “HEAVENLY TIPPING POINT”. Below are the events that stood out.

  • June 7, 2017 — 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, the city of Jerusalem back into the hands of the Jews for the first time since 70 AD
  • November 29, 2017 — 70th Anniversary of the United Nation Partition Plan, giving land back to Israel (5 Arab States walked out when that decision was made)
  • November 30, 2017 — 151 states of the United Nations voted to disavow Israel’s ties to Jerusalem
  • December 2, 2017 — Dead Sea scroll found in the new #12 cave, containing Psalm 81-85 in perfect condition. This included 83, prophecy about the Arab Confederacy to wipe Israel off the map.
  • December 2/3, 2017 — Supermoon, first of 3 in 2 months. (Photo above is from the December 2 Supermoon over Haifa, Israel)
  • December 5, 2017 — US President Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and announces plans to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem (this decision was made under President Bill Clinton in 1995 and delayed every 6 months for 22 years, a total of 44 signed delays)
  • December 20, 2017 — 175 United Nation states call for statehood of Palestine

What was the tipping point in heaven? JERUSALEM!! Zechariah 12:3 tells us, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”


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