Teshuvah – Day 23 (9/13/17)

Posted: September 13, 2017 in Teshuvah 40 Day Devotional

Have you been doing things these past 23 days that cause you to “turn to” (shuv) God or to “turn away” from God?

I have been watching my mouth and love walk very carefully, getting rid of bad and doing good. One of the things that has really helped me is a book I bought on our 40th Wedding Anniversary. It is a daily devotional called “Choftez Chaim” which means ‘desirer of life’. It is  a compilation of  daily Hebraic lessons, translated into English, dealing with your tongue and speech.

It deal much with Loshon Hora, evil talk. In its general sense, the term referst to various forms of speech which is derogatory or harmful in nature. As God is dealing with me, I am amazed at how my ears pick up the negative people are speaking and it is hard to be silent, but since God is dealing with me for me I will trust Him to deal with those who need to clean their mouth.

Here is a statement in the book I have marked:The speaker of loshon hora is motivated by this very powerful human need to feel important. So, he sets himself up as the other person’s superior by standing in judgment. “The other person is bad. Therefore, I am better. Her children are rude, therefore mine are polite. His business is mismanaged, therefore mine is run well.” Instead of striving honestly to lift himself, the speaker of loshon hora attains his height by looking down upon those he has cast to the ground.”

Selah, pause and think about this. This is a time to judge ourselves.

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