March 9 Solar Eclipse

Posted: March 9, 2016 in Eclipses, Signs In The Heavens


Solar Eclipse March 9 2016 Indonesia

This photo is from Today Indonesia experienced the first total solar eclipse of 2016. The men on the tree were trying to see the eclipse through the branches to protect their eyes. NASA reports, “The Sun can be viewed safely with the naked eye only during the few brief seconds or minutes of a total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse come at the end of a Hebrew month, when there is no light on the moon, the moon is totally hidden.The moon comes in between the sun and earth and blocks out the light from the sun to earth, and this will occur in the daytime.

Today is the 29th day of the month of Adar A. There are 2 months of Adar on the Hebraic calendar this year since it is Leap Year and Adar B begins at sundown on March 10th.

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