40 Days of Teshuvah – Day 9 (8/24/15)

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Teshuvah 40 Day Devotional
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The Stock Market is taking the same path as before the end of the Shemittah Year 2008. September 29, 2008, the intense drop of 777 was on Elul 29, the Day of the Lord’s Release (Deut 15:1-5),  but the loss began building momentum weeks before. Seven years ago we had Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac mortgage bailout that caused investment firm Lehman Brothers to file Chapter 11 prior to Elul 29. The rest is history. Now seven years later, we are seeing the Chinese market crash affect our financial system on what they are already calling Black Monday.

Question: Where is your faith? Read Psalm 27 out loud daily during these 40 days of Teshuvah (repentance) and you will increase faith ‘for such a time as this’.

Psalm 27:1, A Psalm of David. THE LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27 is read aloud every day for the 40 days of turning ourselves back to the things of God, and God Himself with our whole heart. It is a time of cleansing ourselves of anything that would draw us away from His perfect will and presence.

First of all, we see this as a Psalm of David, known as a ‘man after God’s own heart’.

Acts 13:22 says, “But God removed him from the kingship and replaced him with David, a man about whom God said, `David son of Jesse is a man after my own heart, for he will do everything I want him to.’ ‘” (I Samuel 13:14)

We have read how David failed, but after he returned to the Lord he was cleansed of all unrighteousness and brought back to a place of new mercies. This morning when you woke, you woke to new mercies. God is faithful. He loves you and wants to make all things new in your life, a fresh beginning. Return to the Lord where there is forgiveness, safety, love and healing.

David got to know his covenant LORD through his trials, battles, successes, failures and worship. David killed a giant while he was bragging on his LORD’s ‘Battle’ name. (I Samuel 17:45) The Lord of Hosts, the Lord of the Angel Armies, the Lord Almighty that has everything at His disposal when you call upon His ‘battle’ name!

He understood how the LORD was his shepherd and took good care of him as a helpless little lamb. (Psalm 23)

Magnify God– make Him the biggest part of your day today! Make God bigger than your mountain and see what the Lord of Hosts will do!!

All it takes to dispel the works of darkness is light. He is your light! Allow Him, let Him shine in your life today.

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