20th Anniversary of Los Angeles Earthquake This Friday

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Power of the Blood of Jesus Teachings
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At 4:31 (PST), January 17, 1994, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocked the Los Angeles area. In its wake 57 died, 5000 injured and over $20 Billion in damages. The photo below is what has been etched in my mind from that catastrophe, the image of cars smashed between layers of highway bridges.

1994 Los Angeles Earthquake

Pastors Brenda Steen of Thousand Oaks Christian Fellowship had been teaching about the protection of the Blood of Jesus for week on Sunday nights at their church. Pastor Arland Steen would teach Sunday morning and Pastor Brenda followed the direction God had shown her, to ‘make much of the Blood of Jesus’. Sunday night, January 16, 1994, they shared communion with the head of each house serving communion to their family. A lamb for a household. The next morning at 4:31 the ground shook and the earth trembled under everyone in the Los Angeles area, including Thousand Oaks. As the members woke to the shaking one thing was in common- no fear! After everything settled one thing was in common- no damage! Another thing in common with the testimonies of the members of Thousand Oaks Christian Fellowship was the children had more faith in the blood than their parents.

The incredible protection the entire church experienced is recorded in Dr Billye Brim’s book on “The Blood and the Glory” and also in Kenneth Copeland Ministries’s book “Real People, Real Needs, Real Victories”. Several years later after the earthquake, I sat on an airplane next to one of the members of that church.  She personally agreed with what I had read and also gave me other faith building testimonies.

As everything that can be shaken is being shaken, we need to make much of the precious Blood of Jesus! You may belong to a church that has taken the Blood out of the hymnal, quit singing about the blood, takes communion quietly so no one will be offended, and will not preach a sermon about the Blood. If you go to that kind of Church it is dead, because the life of the flesh is in the Blood according to Leviticus 17:11.

I urge everyone to find inspired Bible teachers that teach on the Blood of Jesus, good books like Billye Brim’s book on The Blood and the Glory (Harrison House), The Power of the Blood of Jesus by Andrew Murray and many others. Go to YouTube and listen to inspired Bible Teachers free.

In the last days ‘we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony”, Rev 12:11. It is HIGH TIME to plead the Blood!

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