Today in History – Tammuz 6, Raid on Entebbe

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Hebrew Months
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Uganda Raid 1976

July 4, 1976 the United State of America was celebrating its bicentennial. The date on the Hebrew calendar was Tammuz 6, 5736.

On this day the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) performed an incredible, against all odds, rescue of 100 Jews held hostage at Entebbe airport in Uganda. The prior week, Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Air France flight and landed the plane in Uganda with the full support of dictator Idi Amin. The terrorists threatened to kill all the Jewish hostages if the Israeli government did not release convicted Palestinian terrorists.

The government of Israel refused to negotiate with the Palestinian terrorists demands and planned a rescue mission. God knows in advance what is going to happen to His chosen people and Israel had all the blueprints of the building where the hostages were held. It was built by an Israeli construction firm!

200 Israeli soldiers were flown to Entebbe and brought a black Mercedes disguised to look like Uganda dictator Idi Amin’s personal car. The raid took 58 minutes. All hostages were killed, 97 of the 100 Jewish hostages were rescued and one Israeli soldier died. That soldier was Lt. Col. Jonathan Netanyahu, the elder brother of PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The raid was first called Operation Entebbe, but after the completion it became known as Operation Jonathan (Yanaton), named after the soldier that died in battle.

The flight crew of Air France all volunteered to stay with the Jewish hostages  and upon return were reprimanded for their courage to help the Jewish people by a temporary suspension from Air France.

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