Russia- 20 Years Later

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Last Day Helps
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I went to Russia May of 1991 and saw first  hand the hunger in the hearts of the people for the Truth that only the Word of God can bring. At that time they were 70 years in the Communist oppression, wtih no freedom of worshipping the One True God. When we saw a crowd in the streets someone was either selling meat or preaching the Truth. Shortly after my visit were the incredible riots and Communism fell.

I have heard prophesies for many years that there would be a short open door. This morning I was reading a book called Contact with God by Brent Ollson, prophetic teachings by Jeanne Wilkerson. The Foreward was written by Dr Billye Brim in which she writes, “Another one of Sister Wilkerson’s Holy Spirit inspired statements comes to mind. Once we were praying with her before a trip into Communist Russia and she prophesied, “Shortly before the coming of the Lord there will be a relative freedom to preach the gospel behind the Iron Curtain. It is mercy before judgment. Work quickly while you can. The door will close again. Judgment is coming.

This Sunday will be the election of Russia’s president. Joel Rosenberg wrote a great blog on the facts behind this campaign. Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads you to pray following the Word of God.

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