Partial Solar Eclipse November 25, 2011

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Eclipses, Signs In The Heavens

November 25, 2011 will see the 4th eclipse of 2011 and will be a partial solar eclipse. This will be seen in Antarctica, southern New Zealand and South Africa.

  • This is Cheshvan 28 on the Hebrew calendar. On this day in 1949 Israel reached a population of 1 million. In 1882 the population of Israel (size of New Jersey) was 289,000. Today the population is 7,746,000. Look what the Lord has done.

Three of the 2011 eclipses occured within 30 Days.

  • June 1 (midnight-solar eclipse) This eclipse  was extremely unusual because it occured at midnight most northern nations that were having 24 hours of daylight. It began after midnight on June 2 and ended on before midnight on June 1.
  • June 14-15 (full lunar eclipse- from blood red to total black) This eclipse caused quite a stir in the Middle East since Blood Moons and Black Lunar Eclipses have a meaning in different religious traditions. That day my blog nits were 1,541- an all time high for this fairly new site. This eclipse began on June 14 and ended on June 15.
  • July 1 (partial solar eclipse) This was in the South Pole region, seen in the very southern nations.

December 10, 2011 will see the 2nd full lunar eclipse of 2011, a blood red moon This will be visible from Alaska, northern Canada, Australia, New Zealand, central Asia and eastern Asia. Viewers in most of North America and Hawaii will view the moon set still in eclipse, while those along the west coast of the United States and Canada will see the beginning of totality just as the moon disappears below the western horizon. The best view of the total lunar eclipse will be from central and eastern Asia. The eclipse will find the moon set between the horns of Taurus the Bull.

  • This is Kislev 14 on the Hebrew calendar and  is considered to be Reuben’s birth date, the first son of Jacob.

On my blog site of 5/13/11, Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2011 carries a full study of each eclipse and the Hebrew traditional teachings of the meanings of an eclipse to their nation.

All the blogs regarding solar or lunar eclipses can be found under the categories of Signs in the Heavens, Eclipses on the left side of my blog site. I encourge you to read about the June 2011 Midnight Eclipses . I have just reread that article myself and am in awe of the incredible times we live in.  May you worship the Creator as you look into the heavenlies, instead of worshiping the creation.

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