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For many years I have had too little understanding of the Blood of Jesus and how to apply the Blood. Alice Smith of U.S. Prayer Center, Houston, TX was giving a message at our home church when we lived in Galveston and made a statement regarding covering a home with the Blood. She said to never cover the house with the Blood of Jesus until it was cleansed because it only torments the demons in the house and makes everything worse.

Then I was listening to the Healing School messages by Dr. Sandra Kennedy of Whole Life Ministries regarding the Cleansing Power of the Blood and she confirmed what Alice Smith had said. Dr Kennedy said they were having some problems with in her church and one day she got into intercession and began to put a Blood line around her church, covered the church with the Blood and posted the Blood on each door and window. She said that after she had done that the Lord said, “Now what are you going to do? The demons are locked inside the church.”

The third witness was Graham Cooke of Future Training Institute. I have a CD message of his titled: “Enjoying Your Wilderness Experience” and in that message he told of an experience in Mexico. He said he was working in the barrio 16 hours a day and when he got to his hotel room he was so tired he went right to bed. One night 5 demons walked through the wall; he was so tired he told the Lord he was too tired to deal with them so he turned over and went to sleep. The next night the same thing happened. The third night he asked the Lord if this was going to happen again and the reply was yes. He asked for instructions about what to do. The Lord told him to cover the ceiling, floor, walls, and doors with the Blood of Jesus after they had come into the room. Then he was to turn on his worship music loud. The demons were bouncing off the walls; he was laughing so hard he thought he would break his ribs. When the tape ended he asked the Lord if he should turn it over to the other side of the worship tape and the Lord told him to just open the door and dismiss them. He was never bothered again.

These three teachings helped me to realize why things got worse for one of my loved ones when I covered their house with the Blood of Jesus. I was very concerned about Harry Potter and Disney witchcraft that was being allowed in the house and I began to take authority by covering the house, and it seemed that the results were always disastrous. Thank You Jesus for these teachers that have brought me the truth. Now I cleanse the house and my loved ones inside the house as I take communion and I am seeing great results.

Plead is a legal word. The entire Bible is a legal document with legal phraseology such as testament, covenant, adoption, mediator, judge, pardon, judgment, redemption, etc.

However, this spiritual court is totally in our favor and works itself out into the natural. We go into the courtroom already in victory because of what Jesus has done for us. The Judge is our Father God (Hebrews 12:23), our Advocate (attorney) is Jesus Christ (I John 2:1, 2) and the prosecutor is the accuser of the brethren, Satan (Revelation 12:10).
The accuser of the brethren accuses us day and night. He does his best to speak lies to us to make us feel unloved, unworthy, undeserving of God’s grace and mercy. He makes the most beautiful people feel ugly, he makes brilliant people feel stupid. He looks for any open door in our life or the lives of our loved ones. These open doors could come by ignorance of the schemes of the devil or deliberate sin.

The Hebrew word for plead is reev. As a verb it means to strive, contend, to conduct a legal case and in its noun form it means a dispute, controversy, case at law. We see this word used in Genesis 31:36 (chided); (plead) Isaiah 3:13; I Samuel 24:15; Micah 7:9; Jeremiah 50:34; Lamentations 3:58; Proverbs 22:23; Psalms 43:1; 119:154; 74:22; (controversy) Deuteronomy 21:5; 25:1.

Another Hebrew word for plead is shawfat meaning plead; have controversy together. It is found in Isaiah 43:25 & 26, “I, even I, am he that blots out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Put me in remembrance; let us plead together; declare thou, that thou may be justified.”

In essence, what pleading the blood is accomplishing is freedom from the law of sin and death. When we are in the wrong, we go to Jesus and confess the sin, asking for forgiveness according I John 1:9. Then we can boldly and confidently say, “I plead the Blood, I am not guilty.” The accuser of the brethren has no right in our lives!

The following I got from a great web link: http://www.bible-knowledge.com/Blood-of-Jesus-How-to-Plead-for-Protection-and-Deliverance.html The first thing you are going to want to do is make a personal list of everything that you would like to have God’s protection on. These are what I call the basics. In order to get God’s full protection on something, you have to do the following three things:
Plead the Blood on the object that you want protected.
Plead the Blood against whatever possibly could come against that object.
Then seal the prayer with a statement of faith and belief to God the Father telling Him that you are now going to have full faith and belief that He will now protect you from all of the things that you just Pled the Blood of His Son on.
The above link will bring you into a wonderful teaching with instructions and testimonies of pleading the Blood of Jesus. I suggest you print it out and meditate on it and put it into practice.

A legal term in property law is squatters’ rights. Dr. Henry Malone describes these rights:
“Squatters’ rights are a recognized means, in property law, of taking possession without an agreement from the landlord. Squatters simply move in and create the appearance of being tenants. Even though they pay nothing and do not have permission to stay on the property, they continue to possess the land. They can stay for a short time or a longer period. They are legally “trespassers,” but because the owner or landlord has made no complaint against them, they cannot be removed. Not even the police can arrest and remove them without a formal complaint. The longer the squatter stay, the more difficult it is for a legal owner or landlord to take back the land.”[1]

Dr. Malone’s practice before going to cleanse a property or house of demonic activity is to first take communion. He says, “It has been my experience that this particular observance brings with it a tremendous anointing and the power to release and reclaim the land.”

Ken and I had this happen to us before we were born again. We lived in Sioux City, Iowa and had experienced strange things happen in the house. We heard voices calling to us from downstairs at night, I had a ironing board almost hit me, our cat would stand at the head of the stairs and hiss with its hair standing up, our children watched things float though the air. We knew this was more than we could handle so we called the only religious fanatic we knew, Ken’s sister Joy. She instructed Ken, as head of the house, to go to each door of each room, read scriptures about the Blood of Jesus and ask the Lord if there was anything in that room that gave the enemy legal right to be there. We went through each room and finally came to the basement storage closet. A Halloween costume box had a ghoulish face on it and it was hot in our hands. We burned the box and never had another problem with ghosts in our home. Ignorantly, we had given the enemy legal right to be in our house by bringing that into our homes. That is the last Halloween we celebrated. Remember, Ken and I were not even saved! The enemy had to answer to the Blood of Jesus.

The Blood of Jesus always cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Squatters’ rights can be applied to persons, businesses or properties- even churches. Any military strategist will tell you that it’s easier to maintain peace than win a war. God expects us to close the doorways in our lives that have given Satan and his demonic forces a point of entry and a place of habitation. That means in our bodies, minds, businesses, families, property, etc.

One of the prayers I pray most for myself is for the washing by the Blood. There are two cleansing agents, the Blood of Jesus and the Word of God. Revelation 1:5, “And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own Blood.” Ephesians 5:26, “That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of the water by the Word.”

In our natural body, the blood does more than just carry vital nutrients to your cells. It also carries away waste products and toxins. In other words, the blood is constantly cleansing your whole body. Every moment of ever day, you are literally being washed by your blood! The spiritual parallels are obvious. If we’re rightly related to the blood of Jesus by faith, we can know that His blood is cleansing us through and through. You need to be cleansed daily. Being washed in the blood on a continuing basis will see to it that unrighteousness does not move you away from God, your source of life and blessing.[2]
In Egypt the blood of the lamb was sprinkled on the doorposts (Exodus 12:12), on Sinai it was sprinkled on the people (Exodus 24:11). This shows us that we can sprinkle the Blood of Jesus over things and people.

Maria Woodworth Etter spoke “I sprinkle the Blood” over her audience and they would all fall out under the power of God.
David Wilkerson wrote “If Christ is Lord of your life, then your door posts — your heart — have been sprinkled by His blood. And this sprinkling is not for forgiveness only — but also for protection! When you are sprinkled, you are totally under the protection of Christ’s blood against all the destroying powers of Satan. When his forces see Christ’s blood on your doorposts, they must pass over you. They cannot touch you—because they cannot touch anyone sprinkled with Christ’s blood!”[3]
Hebrews 9:19 tells of Moses sprinkling the blood. The shed blood of the burnt offerings was contained in a basin. Moses took some of this blood and poured part of it by the altar. Then he took a hyssop, dipped it in the basin and sprinkled some of the blood on the twelve pillars (representing the twelve tribes of Israel). Finally, Moses dipped the hyssop into the basin and sprinkled the blood on the people. This blood covering the people sealed the covenant! The Blood of Jesus sealed the New Covenant. Jesus said, “For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”
The same way a Bible does no good sitting on a table; it must be read and applied. The Blood of Jesus has been shed, but it must be applied in our lives and circumstances by speaking it in faith.
“Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21. When we, by faith, apply the Blood of Jesus with our words over circumstances, people and things, we are speaking life into those areas. “For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls.” Leviticus 17:11.
How many people do you think have been condemned as guilty by not speaking, not proclaiming that they are not guilty. “By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.” Matthew 12:37. The blood does not cover us automatically; we must apply it by speaking. God supplies, we apply.
Be a child of God who practices the “sprinkling of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Sprinkle it anywhere there is evidence of pressure, tension, or any kind of satanic effort to thwart the complete will of God in your life.[4]
The old-time saints of God understood the power of resisting the devil (James 4:7) was to hold the Blood of Jesus against Satan.

Rachael Teafitiller, a woman used by God in prevailing prayer for fifty years now, told me, “People quit too soon.”[5]

Mrs. C. Nuzum’s wrote, “I arose one morning and found that I could not stand- I reeled like a drunkard. I said, ‘This is of you Satan; I hold the Blood against you, and declare on God’s Word that it does now overcome you, and that you do now flee.’ The enemy was stubborn, but I continued to believe and repeat what I said until every trace of trouble was gone. I then did a full day’s work, and had no return of the evil.”[6]

As you meditate on James 4:7 and the power of the Blood of Jesus, you will build your faith to immediately stand against any attack on your body, loved ones, home, finances, etc. Remember, it is easier to maintain victory than win a war. It is best to put the truth in your heart when you don’t need it so that it is there when you do need it.

Blood Line
Billye Brim records a great testimony in her book, The Blood and the Glory-
A minister and his wife, named Stevens, were conducting meetings in Canada in a large church. They had left their children at home in southeastern part of the United States in the care of grandparents. The Canadian meetings were inflicting great damage to the kingdom of darkness. Many were coming to new life in Jesus, and many were being set free from bondages of Satan. Don Gossett gave the following account in his book Praise Avenue: Because of this success, the devil became infuriated and began to torment Brother Stevens with the thought that he was going to kill the Stevens’ children. Brother Stevens said, ‘Devil, you’re a liar! You cannot kill my children.’ To this, the devil seemed to say, ‘Oh, yes, I can, for I have put rabies upon the foxes in the woods adjoining your property.’ Immediately, Brother Stevens remembered the reports of friends who had seen foxes roaming on his land before he’d left Tennessee. In simple, childlike faith, Brother Stevens gathered together three older believers. Together they agreed in prayer, and by faith they drew a blood line of protection around the Stevens’ property… A week later, Brother Stevens received a letter from his brother back in Tennessee. He said, ‘Today I was out walking. I walked around the edge of your property. Lying on the boundary of your land I found five dead foxes. We had the heads examined and found they were all rabid’. The foxes had dropped when they tried to cross the Blood line.”

I believe once an area is cleansed; we can draw a blood line around our property or business. We have friends in Galveston whose business was plagued with bad employees who would steal from them. They walked around the property and drew a blood line; the stealing stopped.

Michael Bradley wrote on his web teaching:
Here is another thing that you can do, especially for those of you who own a house with property surrounding it. You can walk around the entire property pleading the Blood of Jesus as you walk completely around it in a circle. What you are doing is applying a Bloodline around your property.
I have read of cases where Christian farmers have done this to protect their livestock and flock from attacks from wild predators. In one case in particular, a farmer was having a problem with some of his farm animals being killed by a wild wolf. He went ahead and applied a Bloodline around his entire property. When he woke up the next day, he found a dead wolf lying about two feet past the point where he had just pled the Blood the day before.
In other words, the wolf had crossed over about two feet into the farmer’s territory and had crossed the Bloodline. The wolf was stricken dead as soon as he crossed this Bloodline. The farmer had no more problems with any of his animals being killed after that one wolf had been struck down.
Pleading the Blood and applying a Bloodline around your house and property can also help protect you from earthquakes or tornadoes. There have been documented cases out in California where some Christian families had pled the Blood over their houses and property.[7]
Wendy Alec told of a vision she had from the Lord: “And finally I saw this huge tornado and it was the financial situation upon the earth. And I saw it come and there was a whole city and the city was devastated and I saw these houses that stayed and they were beautiful and they were completely intact. The eye of the storm passed over these houses but they were completely intact. Nothing was touched. Not their gardens or fences. And the Father said for those of you who have loved HIM, for those of you who have set your heart on HIM. And He kept saying, for those who have kept your substance on Him. He said the destroyer will pass over you because of the Blood of the Lamb, the living Blood of the Lamb was over all of those houses which represent the people who have truly loved the Lord and their substance is set on the Lord. And it was like a canopy, the protection of the Lord, that even as the eye of the storm passed across your life, your finances, your mortgages, passed over the banks. The Lord promised that He is going to keep you, He is not going to let you down, He will not forsake you, He truly is with you and you will see His provision, you will see His love and that you will see what you have intact in his day. A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you. Only a spectator will you be.”[8]
(Rory and Wendy Alec are founders of God TV, a world-wide television ministry with their head office in Jerusalem. www.god.tv Wendy is the published author of Diary of an Unknown Prophet, prophetic words God has given her for the seasons were are in right now. www.unknownprophet.com)
In conclusion, Jesus’ blood was never “spilled”. Spilling is the result of an accident. Jesus freely gave His life and volunteered to shed His blood that we might live. (see songs below)
The Blood that Jesus shed for me
Way back on Calvary
O the Blood that gives me strength from day to day
It shall never lose its power
For it reaches to the highest mountain
And it flows to the lowest valley
The blood that gives me strength from day to day
It shall never lose its power
What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
O precious is the flow, that washes white as snow
No other font I know, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow’r?
Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Are your garments spotless, are the white as snow?Are you washed in the Blood
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