Elul 10, 5770 – Teshuvah Day 10 (8/20/10)

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Teshuvah 40 Day Devotional


One of the people who has most affected my life is Dr. Billye Brim of Prayer Mountain in the Osarks. One of her main assignments in these last days is to prepare the people to pray for the Second Coming of the Lord. When her prayer group was meeting to pray about the 2008 elections, the Word of the Lord came through Billye: 

One thing will save America.
And it is NOT the election.
It is an awakening to God!
One thing will help Israel and the nations.
It is an awakening to God.

I encourage you to go to her site and listen to last Wednesday’s world wide prayer meeting. She speaks of the intense intercession that came on her group last Sunday for Israel. www.billyebrim.org

On 9/11/10 at noon, in each county in our nation, a group of pray-ers &  intercessors will be meeting at their county court house to pray in one accord for our nation. I am leading Galveston County in Texas and would love to have you join me.  http://www.awakeningamerica.us/

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