Posted: August 2, 2010 in Last Day Helps
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Tonight I finished the biography of Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb. The entire book is good, but when I got to the end I knew why I was reading that book at “such a time as this”.
In his Bible School in England, they would pray for the war. As they got a burden they would follow the Lord’s leading and spend much time in prayer, all day, all night. As they would pray, they would hear in the news the answered prayer.
A published article by military commentator General J.R.C. Fuller gave four reasons for the impending doom of the Nazis,
Hitlers Four Blunders
Blunder No. 1 was missing the chance to invade Britain
Blunder No 2- his failure to attach Egypt and gain Alexandria
Blunder No 3- Everything in the Russian campaign depended on the fall of Moscow
Blunder No 4- Hitler’s final mistake- the great attack on Stalingrad
In Ree Howell’s diary, each of the things were prayed through with earnest prayer, and each had a turn at the end no one could figure out! It was God!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s see this be the Church’s finest hour, Nothing is too hard for our God!!!!!

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