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This is the first of my series of the times we are living in right now, “These are the Days of Elijah.” God has been revealing to me much about the parallel of those times in history and our current season.

Much of what I am hearing from God has to do with this election season, but it is much more than what you think. This election is not political, it is a spiritual war. The story of Elijah and Jezebel took place over a period of over 20 years and you will be seeing much parallel with our nation today.

This year we had a leap year on both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars, which is very unusual. The Gregorian calendar adds one day to February every 4th year. But the Hebraic calendar adds an entire month 7 times in 19 years. One day in my prayer time I felt drawn to go back and see when the last time this happened. It was 2008, another presidential race year when Barak Obama was voted in as the 44th President, defeating John McCain. I felt compelled to look again and found it was in 2000, when George W. Bush was elected as the 43rd President, defeating Al Gore- a race that went to the Supreme Court. Again I looked back and it was in 1992, when George H Bush lost the election to Bill Clinton. And here is where the story begins……

That takes us back 24 years and things in our country do not look the same. So let’s take as look at what the nation of Israel looked like during the time of the Days of Elijah. The nation was divided. 10 Tribes made up the Northern Kingdom called Israel. 2 Tribes made up the Southern Kingdom called Judah. When the Kingdom divided the first king of Israel, King Jeroboam, put 2 golden calves in strategic places for people to worship. He was very concerned about his people going to Jerusalem the required 3 times a year for the Feasts of the Lord. He put one up in Dan, by the Lebanon border and the other in the southern region in Bethel, ‘the house of God’. The people became darkened in their faith and the nation continued in decline, without their faith and hope in God. By the time of King Ahab, the nation had drastically declined. So much so that Ahab was prompted to go to Tyre (Lebanon area) and marry the princess Jezebel to form an political alliance for a strong military and trade route.

Jezebel’s father was Ethbaal of Tyre, high priest and king of the Phoenicians. According to Josephus, Ethbaal served as a priest of Astarte, the primary Phoenician goddess. Jezebel most likely was the priestess. When she came to live in Israel, she brought her idols with her. She was responsible for bringing Baal worship into Israel. She personally funded false religion as 850 prophets ate from her table – 850!!  King Ahab immediately built a sanctuary for Baal in the heartland of Israel, Samaria (I Kings 16:31-33)

She also massacred the prophets of the Lord, all except for 100 that Obadiah had in caves and personally fed with bread and water.

All this happened and Elijah had not even shown up on the scene yet. That comes tomorrow. Stay tuned.