April 4th Blood Moon Viewing

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Eclipses, Passover
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Eclipse Moon April 4 2015 2This photo was taken with SkyView App on my iPhone. We had a very cloudy sky so I watched the viewing online with Time.com.

The moon eclipsed closest to Porrima (aka Gamma Virginis). This is a binary star, meaning it consists of 2 stars that orbit together appear as one. I cannot find the Hebrew name for this star.

Virgo StarsWhen the eclipse reached totality, I joined believers around the world to pray for Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem according to Psalm 122:6 and Isaiah 62.  IsraelBreakingNews.com, April 2nd, carried a warning from an Israeli Rabbi regarding this blood moon and the numeric 4.

“A mystic rabbi living in southern Israel is urging all Jews to pray and repent as the third Blood Moon of a tetrad cycle approaches. Rabbi Amram Vaknin, who similarly predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla and the Carmel forest fire in 2010, and Operations Pillar of Defense (2012) and Protective Edge (2014), warns that Israel is facing great judgment and potential danger at this time. One of Rabbi Vaknin’s students, Gil Nachman, spoke to Breaking Israel News and, quoting the sage, explained that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44, alludes to the 44th president of the United States.” Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/35128/shocking-passover-blood-moon-predictions-by-israeli-rabbi-jewish-world/#XYyDWk3TfuIFzjdd.99

I was reading in E.W. Bullinger’s book Witness of the Stars this morning regarding the biblical meaning of the Constellation Virgo. On the bottom of page 33 Bullinger wrote “In the Zodiac in the Temple of Denderah, in Egypt, about 2000 B.C. (now in Paris), she (Virgo) is likewise represented with a branch in her hand, but ignorantly explained by a false religion to represent Isis!

ISIS? Watch and pray my friends. We are living in very exciting times.

It is not for us to speculate, Jesus never told us to speculate. Rather, He told us in Mark 13 “4 times” to “Watch”. The Greek word for watch is ‘agrypneō’, and means ‘to be sleepless, keep awake, watch’. This word is only found 4 times in the Bible and all 4 times are in this passage as Jesus commands us about the day or the hour of His Second Coming.

Shabbat Shalom my friends. Keep looking up! His redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28)


  1. Robert says:

    This blood moon was seen on our side of the world… which tells me judgements will start here first. United States has a large population of very wealthy Jews.

  2. dapc6 says:

    This star system has the traditional name Porrima, the alternative name of Antevorta, one of the Camenae or ancient Roman goddesses of prophecy.[7]In the catalogue of stars in the Calendarium of Al Achsasi Al Mouakket, this star was designated Laouiyet al Aoua, which was translated into Latin as Angulus Latratoris, meaning the angle of the barker.[8] This star, along with β Vir (Zavijava), η Vir (Zaniah),δ Vir (Auva) and ε Vir (Vindemiatrix), were Al ʽAwwāʼ, the Barker.[7]In Chinese, 太微左垣 (Tài Wēi Zuǒ Yuán), meaning Left Wall of Supreme Palace Enclosure, refers to an asterism consisting of γ Virginis, η Virginis, δ Virginis, ε Virginis and α Comae Berenices.[9] Consequently, γ Virginis itself is known as 太微左垣二 (Tài Wēi Zuǒ Yuán èr, English: the Second Star of Left Wall of Supreme Palace Enclosure.),[10] representing 東上相 (Dōngshǎngxiāng), meaning The First Eastern Minister.[11] 東上相 (Dōngshǎngxiāng), westernized into Shang Seang by R.H. Allen and the meaning is “the High Minister of State”.[7]

    • mbostrom2 says:

      I also found this information, but I always like to have the Hebrew name since Creator God ‘called the stars by name’. That name would be God’s original intent.

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